The Saunder Strong Odyssey

A legacy foundation designed to help cover travel expenses while on tour.


“...she has opened up the doors of possibility for these students to make music on their own or with other people.” Dr. Vigil outlines the many emotional and physical he’s seen in students participating in the 3 Strings program.

Dr. Kevin Vigil

Guitar and Music Theory Director

“3 Strings...takes students with special needs...and lets them play an instrument and fully express themselves in an environment where they can feel safe and happy...” Antonio has given of his time to help 3 Strings students like his brother.

Antonio Brooks
3 Strings Student Helper

“A friend of ours had a child on the spectrum who didn’t speak for the first few years we knew him. And then he got into Ruth’s program...” Paul shares why he is proud to have been asked to join the 3 Strings board.

Paul Pirner

Board Member

“This band is amazing and these techniques have brought so much joy into our home.” Lisa shares how her adult daughters - one suffering from joint pain and the other with special needs - have been able to experience the joy of music, thanks to 3 Strings.

Lisa S.