Workshop Training Description:

During this 5-day intensive training, you will receive in-person training in the 3 Strings Method. This revolutionary methodology enables students with special needs to read and play modern band instruments, including acoustic, electric and bass guitars; keyboards, drum kits and vocals. Each day’s session in Minneapolis will be held in Southwest High School, where the 3 Strings Method was first developed and piloted. Your trainers will be 3 Strings Founder Ruth LeMay and Co-Founder Artisha Knight-Milon.


Workshop is limited to 20 attendees

COST: $1200

Your registration fee includes:

  • eBook of the 3 Strings Methodology Training Manual
  • Daily instruction on how to play and adapt different instruments that will be yours to keep for your classroom, including:
    • 3-string guitar
    • Electric guitar with amp
    • Bass guitar with amp
    • 61-keyboard synthesizer
    • SM 58 microphone and XLR cord
  • each day; participants can take home instruments to their classrooms 5 days of
    intensive, in-person training in 3 Strings Method
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other music educators and 3 Strings founders
  • Advice on how to equip a complete a 3 Strings ensemble for $5000
  • Graduate credit available through University of Wisconsin-River Falls [PENDING]
  • 12 Color Tape Roll